Next on my journey of learning about photography workflows is what to do when there are too many photos for your computer’s hard drive.

Buy a new computer, right? (I wish!)

Seriously though. My Mac’s SSD is getting overrun with the (awesome) photos I’ve been taking for the past year, and I need to do something about them. And since I use Lightroom for all my editing, I wanted to keep my Lightroom library in tact.

My pal, Jeff Abbot, just so happened to write up a very clear and detailed article outlining how he manages his photo library and archives. This makes a lot of sense to me, and so Jeff’s way of managing photos will probably become my way as well. I’ll be getting a new external drive and moving my 2013 photos off the MacBook Air in a few weeks.

Jeff Abbott’s Process for Ingesting, Processing, and Archiving Photos