Yes. Love this story from Ben Thompson. As well as the point he’s making that Apple’s new website about using the iPad in real life gives examples of people that don’t quite fit the mold for how most people could benefit from an iPad.

I think most of us who are “tech savvy” can relate to the situation of having a non-tech-savvy parent and or grandparent get an iOS device and instantly become more connected and conversational through FaceTime, email, and messages. My folks went from candybar phones to iPhones about 6 months ago and our amount of day-to-day quick communications has increased dramatically. We are always sharing photos and videos with each other over group iMessage conversations, we do quick FaceTime chats so grandma can say hi to her grandsons, and more. It’s a far different — and I think better — experience than the once-a-week phone call check in.

Whose iPad Life?