Very sad to hear this news. Everpix was the best alternative-slash-replacement to Apple’s wimpy Photo Stream. I loved that Everpix would upload all the photos from my iPhone, my wife’s iPhone, and the shots from my E-PL5, and then have those available from any of our iOS devices and on the Web.

Apple’s photo stream stinks in comparison. It maxes out at 1,000 pics and doesn’t automatically include any of the shots I take with my E-PL5 and put on my Mac.

I’ll be checking out Loom and PictureLife — as those seem to be the only other real services in this space — but with a significant amount of caution. If Everpix was the best and they couldn’t make it work who knows how Loom or PictureLife will fare in the months and years to come.

Everpix is Shutting Down