The Doxie Flip is a new, battery powered, small flatbed scanner. It’s just the right size to scan your Field Notes pages (or anything else that size), and then tote around with you or keep in your desk drawer.

The folks at Doxie were generous enough to send me a Flip last week and I’ve been using it to scan in some of my own Field Notes pages and saving them to Day One. The Flip scans to an SD card — which easily pops into my MacBook Air — and the scan quality is very high. My first question about the Flip was to wonder why the scanning bed wasn’t big enough to scan in a spread of Field Notes pages. But as I’ve looked through my own Field Notes notebooks, I realize none of them have related spreads — every page is its own island of scribbles.

The Flip is $150 on Amazon. Also, Brad Dowdy has much more in-depth review (as well as having much better handwriting than I).

Doxie Flip