This is a fantastic update to the Mac version of 1Password. I’ve been using the beta for about 6 weeks and it’s spectacular. Highly recommended for nerds of all ages.

There are, of course, a slew of new and clever features, such as the ability to share vaults and items with others, a favorites list, a Menu Bar utility app, and more.

But of all that’s new in 1Password 4, the app’s new look is my favorite feature. I use 1Password quite a bit on my Mac, and the redesign is just such an improvement over version 3.

Also, I find myself using the Menu Bar utility — a.k.a. 1Password Mini — quite a bit as well. You can bring it up with a hotkey and quickly search your entire vault without having to launch the full 1Password app.

If you already own the Mac App Store version, then the update is free and available today. If you bought it direct from the AgileBits’ website there are some generous upgrade discounts, but they won’t be available until later this week. And if you don’t yet own 1Password, right now it’s on sale for 20-percent off as part of their launch promotion.

1Password 4 for Mac [MAS]