Jeff Atwood collaborated with the guys at WASD Keyboards to design his ideal mechanical keyboard. It uses the Cherry MX Clear switches and has backlit keys.

Though the Clear switches are not “clicky” like the Blue switches are, they are still noisy by virtue of the fact it’s a mechanical keyboard switch. Even though they’re called “silent” like the Brown switches, they still make a whack noise when you’re typing on them (see this YouTube video).

Compared to the Brown and Blue switches, the Clears require slightly more pressure to actuate, and I guess some folks think they give a bit more of a tactile feel than the Brown switches. This forum post on has some excellent movement illustrations and information about all the different Cherry MX switches.

Last year I spent an obsessively long amount of time testing and reviewing mechanical keyboards. I spent time with an Apple Extended Keyboard II, a Das Keyboard, and a Matias Tactile Pro. Then I reviewed some tenkeyless keyboards: the Leopold and the Filco Ninja Majestouch-2. After all my testing, the Ninja is the keyboard I kept and still use today (typing this very sentence on it).

So, all this to say, though I haven’t used the CODE keyboard, I bet it’s awesome. (I wish my Filco Ninja had backlit keys.) And $150 for a well-built mechanical keyboard is about right. My only request, is that it’d be nice if it also came in a Mac-layout version as well, with the Command key, the OS X-specific modifiers on the top row, etc.

The CODE Mechanical Keyboard