Delight is in the Details

I wrote a book that focuses on addressing the finest goal a person in our industry can have: to create substantive work that delights and excites our audience.

It’s called, Delight is in the Details, and it’s now available.

Delight is in the Details

As you can see, there’s a bundle of cool stuff that comes with it. It’s an eBook, but also an audio book (featuring the voice of yours truly), and there are 8 interviews I conducted with Cameron Moll, Marco Arment, Michael Simmons, Federico Viticci, Paul Mayne, Jory Raphael, Dan Provost, and Chase Reeves.

To give you an overview of what’s inside, the book has two sections:

Section one is all about the product. I discuss why sweating the details is so important to our long-term success, and I give some examples of well-designed products (mostly on the software side).

And section two is all about the making. This section wasn’t even part of the original plan for the book. But about a month ago, as I was wrapping up the first section, I realized that there needed to be some discussion regarding “what now.” The second section is where I discuss why sweating the details is good for the soul, and I address some of the challenges we face as makers when we set our sights on doing our best creative work possible.

I’m extremely excited about what this project has become, and I hope you will get as much out of it as I have.

Check out the book’s website for more info, and to grab a copy.

Delight is in the Details