Gadgets and Moving Targets

What’s my wish for the next iPhone?

I often think about what I use my gadgets for and try to imagine how they could serve me better. But usually I come back to how all I really want is do better creative work every day.

This is one of the moving targets of my life.

It’s the same moving target all makers have. Regardless of our profession or the tools we use, we all just want to get better at doing better.

While my tools do help me accomplish certain things faster and more efficiently — leaving time for me to do other things — they can’t actually do my creative work for me.

Naturally I want the best tools for the job. And I want something faster, thinner, lighter, and cheaper just as much as the next guy.

But tools do not a craftsman make. If what I have right now isn’t enough, then neither will be what I get next.

Gadgets and Moving Targets