Chris Bowler wrote a nice overview of the main differences between Typekit and H&FJ’s Cloud.tyography web font service.

I’ve been using Typekit for quite a while to serve up Warnock Pro and Proxima Nova here, and Proxima Nova Condensed and Chaparral Pro on Tools & Toys.

Among my pals on the web, so far Ben Brooks is the only one I know of who has switched from Typekit to Cloud.typography.

Typekit’s pricing is very affordable and the service has been fast and reliable over the years. But Cloud.typography’s Screensmart fonts are a brilliant innovation. And I have a new website project in the pen-and-paper stages right now, which I’m already imagining in Whitney.

As a nerdy sidebar, I use a dns-prefetch link at the very top of my site’s header to help speed up the process of the user’s browser having to downloading the typefaces from Typekit’s servers:

<link rel="dns-prefetch" href="">


Cloud.typography vs. Typekit