If you’re on App.net then trust me, you want this app. For event-centric communications, like, say, this week at WWDC, Whisper is the new Glassboard. It supports group messaging and uses ADN’s location API to post links to places.

I’ve been using Whisper for the past several weeks and highly recommend it. It will be in my iPhone’s Dock all next week during WWDC. (Also, a small humble brag: I was the very first Whisper user to post a message using the AeroPress sticker. The proof is in the demo screenshots.)

The app is free and you get access to 100-percent of its functionality. You can upgrade to the Pro version via an in-app purchase to get access to additional typefaces, the more-awesomer dark mode, and more.

If you don’t yet have an ADN account, I’ve got some invites for a free ADN account.

Note that when you join ADN, your new account will automatically be following me (@shawnblanc). Free accounts can only follow up to 40 people, so feel free to unfollow me if you want.

Whisper: Group Messaging for App.net