Tom Witkin (via MacStories):

I’m elated to share that I, along with Poster, will be joining Automattic. I’ll be working with the mobile team where I’ll be both designing and coding.

Poster is one of my most-used iOS apps — it is how I post links and articles to this site from my iPad and iPhone. Its brilliant support for custom fields and URL schemes has been an incredible aid to my ability to work from my iPad or iPhone.

Alas, due to the acquisition, Poster is no longer for sale in the app store. I will of course continue to use it, and Tom has pledged to continue to maintain it. But there will be no future development of Poster.

However, on the other side of this story we see some very promising and exciting potential. It was just 6 months ago that Automattic acquired Simplenote, my most-used note taking app. And now they’ve acquired Poster, my favorite WordPress app.

Which means it’s very possible that in the future, the official WordPress iOS app will also be the best WordPress iOS app.

Poster Acquired by Automattic