Feed Wrangler is my Google Reader alternative of choice — its Smart Streams, filters, and Instapaper integration are very clever. However, I’m not the biggest fan of the native apps.

Fortunately Reeder has announced its plan to support Feed Wrangler. And today Mr. Reader was updated to support Feed Wrangler, Fever, Feedbin, Feedly, and more.

I downloaded the Mr. Reader update and logged into my Feed Wrangler account without any trouble. It took a few sync attempts before everything downloaded, but then it all worked just fine. After marking an item as read or starred in Mr. Reader, that same item’s state would be synced to the Feed Wrangler iPhone app and on the website. Just as it should be.

Most of all, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mr. Reader treats Smart Streams and filters like first-class citizens. Tapping and holding on one of them in the side bar brings up the option to edit. From there I can add or remove search terms, and select which feeds I want included in the stream, etc. The only thing missing is the ability to create new streams or filters from within Mr. Reader.

Update: You can add a smart stream or filter: just tap and hold the “plus” icon in the top-left corner. (Thanks for the tip, Ed.)

Mr. Reader Now Supports Feed Wrangler, Fever, and More