Andrew Kim:

Last week, I went to a Microsoft Store and bought a Nokia Lumia 920. I frequently say that Nokia has some of the best looking phones in the market today and have also publicly shown my admiration for Windows Phone. However, these things have never convinced me to switch perviously. So the question is, why now?

Well, it’s iOS 7.

Andrew has now had his Windows phone for about a week, and he shares some of the differences (good and bad) between the hardware and the software.

It’s an interesting move. iOS 7 is certainly polarizing. I wonder how many others, will, like Andrew Kim, switch to a different phone and OS, or else just hold out and refuse to update their current device to iOS 7.

Last year there was a holdout of people who didn’t update from iOS 5 to 6 because of the issues with Apple’s Maps app. But in that scenario the remnants at least had a light at the end of the tunnel: the hope and expectation that Google would release their own maps app. And Google did.

With iOS 7, however, there is no “light at the end of the tunnel” for those who don’t like the new look.

Switching From an iPhone to a Lumia