Stephen Hackett, who was a Genius in training, working the sales floor on iPhone launch day:

The demo iPhone I unboxed was the first iPhone I’d ever seen. I just turned it over in my hand, over and over several times before turning it on. When I did, I was blown away.

I remember having that exact same reaction. Everyone did.

When the original iPhone launched, I still had a few months left on my Verizon contract. I wish I had stood in line for an original, but instead I waited until later that fall to avoid paying a $350 cancellation fee.

I did, however, go down to the Plaza Apple Store with a friend later on launch night. The store was open until Midnight, and I think we went down around 11. There were no lines at that point so we had plenty if time to fiddle with the demo units. I still remember just how cool they were. Also: remember those fancy paper bags they came in?

On the Original iPhone’s Launch