Four great points from Dan Frommer, especially this one:

Anyone under the impression that old, simple problems — like accessing the weather — have already been “solved” is nuts. “Do we really need another weather app?” Actually, if it’s better, we do. Imagine if they’d stopped making new search engines after HotBot or new smartphones after the Samsung BlackJack.

And speaking of the Yahoo weather app, it really is incredible. I submitted a few of my Kansas City, MO and Castle Rock, CO photos to the Flickr group. Who knows, if you’re checking the weather in one of those spots, perhaps you’ll see my shot in the background. And something cool I learned: they don’t just pick random images every time you load the weather for a city. They are tagging the images with what type of weather they depict, and then try to show an image which matches what the current weather is. Pretty clever.

Four Lessons From The Yahoo Weather App