Instatim is a more personal social network that helps you stay in touch with your closest friends, family and co-workers. Engineered for privacy, Instatim is unlike other social networks because we do not store information about our users’ past activities and locations. Your status is shared securely and only to people you have chosen.

Here’s what you can do with Instatim:

  • Status Updates: Keep in touch by posting status updates about what you’re doing (walking the dog, meeting a client, etc.) and reading your friends’ statuses.

  • Expiration Dates: Set an expiration for your status so your family knows how long you will be engaged in the activity.

  • Groups: Sort contacts into different groups. Share statuses with specific groups to keep the right people in the right loop.

  • Location: You can choose to include your location with your status so your friends and family know your whereabouts.

Download Instatim for free in the App Store.

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