Feed Wrangler is a brand new RSS service from my pal, David Smith. It’s $19/year and comes with a free universal iOS app. An OS X client is on the way and a full-featured API will be opened up in the next few weeks to allow 3rd-party devs to build their own Feed Wrangler apps.

I’ve been using the beta version of Feed Wrangler for the past month, and I love the underpinning functionality and goals for Feed Wrangler.

Federico Viticci wrote a review, and I agree with every word. Especially this bit:

Of all the Google Reader alternatives I’ve been trying, Feed Wrangler struck me as the one with a clear vision, some unique features, a reliable engine, and a simple business model…

It’s difficult moving from Google Reader’s familiar service and (unofficial) 3rd-party apps and going to a completely new service that’s less familiar, less mature, and a little bit rough around the edges. But Feed Wrangler’s Read Later integration and the Smart Stream versatility are exactly the sort of forward-thinking innovation I hope we’re going to see more of in a post-Google Reader world.

Feed Wrangler