Matthew Lang Sottile had a chance to talk with Feedly’s head of product strategy, Cyril Moutran, about the influx of new users and how they’d been preparing ahead of time for the inevitable closing down of Google Reader.

It seems the Google Reader Alternative with the most new users is Feedly — they aded half a million new accounts in the 48 hours following Google’s announcement. I installed Feedly’s Safari extension and downloaded their iPhone app, and they’re very well designed.

At first, I couldn’t figure out what Feedly’s business model was. But at the moment it seems they are an ad-supported, free-to-use service. After installing the Feedly Safari extension, I noticed that Feedly is actually a part of the Fusion Ad network, and they serve up a Fusion ad on their feed reading home page for logged-in users.

Feedly’s Busy Week