Ken Case:

[O]ur goals for version 2 are to bring back to the Mac all of the design and innovation that went into our iPad edition of OmniFocus: dedicated Forecast and Review modes, clearer navigation, and a fresh look and feel.

Never underestimate the power of good, delightful, UI design. In the case of OmniFocus, I think it’s crucial that the next version be as gorgeous and delightful as it is powerful and fearful.

I spent years using Things until its lack of OTA sync drove me to switch to OmniFocus. OmniFocus comes with quite a learning curve, and that learning curve is made steeper in part by the app’s less-than-stellar UI design.

As I said in a link to this Branch thread last week regarding the role of delight in design, if it’s true that we use something more when we enjoy using it, then it’s also fair to say that a little bit of delight can go a long way in increasing usability.

First Look at OmniFocus 2