I’ve used Mail.app since I became a Mac user back in 2004, and I’ve always thought it was the best. I’ve used Sparrow, and PostBox, and Gmail in the browser, and they all just pretty much seem like different types of window dressing for the same fundamental task: read and act on incoming emails, write outgoing emails.

While I like the cleverness in this article by Pierre Wizla (via Dave Caolo), I could never actually use this set up because it would make managing email on iOS nearly impossible. Since, as you’ll read, Pierre uses his Inbox as his “archive” and lives entirely in smart folders.

But it’s a good read nonetheless. Because, I am a huge fan of stepping back every now and then to look at how I’m using my software, what my workflow is like, and how I can adjust that workflow, or tweak my software in order to work smarter. Because, needs change and software changes and sometimes we don’t realize we’re being old fashioned and slow with our work habits.

Also, anyone else miss Hawk Wings?

Turning Mail.app Into the Best Mac Email App