Poster — a WordPress blog editor — is the easiest way to blog on iOS. It has built-in support for Markdown, can quickly create new posts from Dropbox files, and supports the WordPress features other iOS apps don’t, like custom fields, custom post types, post slugs, and much more.

Version 2 was just released, and it’s available at a special launch price of $2.99. Go check it out on the App Store.

* * *

Editor’s Note: Poster is the iOS app I use to post to this site. Version 2 of Poster just came out, and it’s just about as close to the perfect iOS WordPress app I could ask for. Poster has support for custom fields, it lets me edit the post slug, I can create a new post from a Dropbox file, and thanks to it’s use of URL schemes, I have a handy dandy bookmarklet that grabs the title and URL of a Web page and tosses them into Poster so I can easily post links from my iPhone or iPad.

If you’ve got a WordPress site and an iOS device or two, you’d be silly not to check out Poster. Especially considering the fact it’s a universal app and is just 3 bucks(!).

Sponsor: Poster — a WordPress blog editor for iOS