Riposte is a sweet, brand-new iPhone app for Two things about it which I like right off the bat:

  • Riposte implements the hamburger / basement navigational flyout. Some people are advocates against this sort of navigational design, but I think it’s great in the proper context. For an app like Riposte it especially makes sense because for an client, the only view most people need is their main, unified timeline.

  • Riposte’s login screen has a link to 1Password. My password is some nonsensical string I don’t know, and I literally had 1Password open and waiting on my iPad as I was waiting for Riposte to download on my iPhone. But, to my surprise, there was the 1P link waiting for those who want to use it (Riposte only shows you the link if you have 1P installed on your iPhone).

Using 1Password 4’s URL schemes, Riposte launched me to 1Password and performed a search in my 1P database for “”, thus getting me to my login info about as fast as possible. From there I copied my password, returned to Riposte, typed in my username, and then pasted my password.

What a clever and thoughtful idea. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this, and I hope it’s not the last.

Riposte: Client for the iPhone [iTunes Link]