Pushpin is a new-to-me Pinboard app for iPhone. I’ll continue to use Pinbook on my iPad because Pushpin is not a universal binary. But the latter wins on the iPhone because: (a) it has quite a few more features, such as browsing your tag list, editing a bookmark, and browsing the Popular list; and (b) thanks to this bookmarklet you can use Pushpin to add a new bookmark. And for (b) alone Pushpin is worth the price because it’s a workflow that beats the pants off Pinboard’s mobile-hostile web site.

Pushpin is $10 in the app store. If you’re an avid Pinboard user it’s worth it because, frankly, it’s the only option out there for a full-featured Pinboard experience on the iPhone.

(Via Federico Viticci.)

Update: Turns out you can edit a bookmark within Pinbook. You do so by opening the bookmark and then there is an “edit” button (lower-left on iPhone, upper-right on iPad). Somehow this obvious element has eluded me for the past several months I’ve been using the app.

Also, here is a bookmarklet that works with Pinbook, allowing you to use the app to create a Pinboard bookmark from your iPhone or iPad. This bookmarklet differs from Pushpins in that it doesn’t send you back to Safari once you’ve created the bookmark.

Needless to say, this new-to-me functionality of Pinbook is a pretty big deal — the app is obviously much more feature rich than I knew. My apologies.

Pushpin iPhone app for Pinboard [iTunes Link]