One of the ten things Kai Brach learned over the past year of launching and shipping Offscreen magazine:

Print is dead is dead
While newspapers are shutting up shop one after another, new independent magazines are popping up like daisies all around the world. Print may be having a hard time in areas that rely on traditional advertising models, but there’s never been a better time to produce high quality print products for niche audiences. Offscreen was born in the midst of this change and (in my opinion) more than any other magazine understands this technological shift by embracing the constraints of the printed format in a very unique way.

If anything, the future of print isn’t death but new life. Sure, the commodity print items like newspapers, paperback books, and magazine-stand periodicals are all in a metamorphosis. But there is certainly a long life ahead for higher-quality, well-designed, long-shelf-life, niche publications like Offscreen, 8 Faces, The Manual, and the like.

“Print Is Dead Is Dead”