Some perspective:

On its back are uncountable scratches and scuff marks, the home button is slowly starting to get less responsive, and the front glass is a fingerprint magnet. But it’s served me brutally well over four years and I imagine it’ll continue doing that for a while longer. I can get to the information I want, talk to the people I want to talk to, and brain-dump my thoughts into a virtual blank piece of paper as the need arises. It’s still the closest thing to a PADD from Star Trek that I have, and every day I feel like I’m living a little bit in the future. Four years, and counting.

Coincidentally, the iPhone 3G is the only iPhone I haven’t owned. I used my original for two years unit the 3GS came out.

(Via Patrick Rhone, of course.)

Robert Falck: Four Years With His iPhone 3G