Myke Hurley was kind enough to have me back as a guest on his show, CMD+SPACE. We spent the whole episode answering and discussing listener-submitted questions about what goes in to taking an online side-business or hobby and going full time with it.

While I wouldn’t personally call it a “masterclass” — we focused almost exclusively on the business model of, and there are a lot of other types of businesses with very different business models to be built — it was certainly an excellent episode and I hope it will be a resource for folks who want to build something they’re proud of and make enough money to sustain their efforts.

What I see as two good takeaways from the show that could apply to other people in other contexts are: (a) starting a new business is a risk. Be as calculated, cautious, and wise as you can be, but know that there’s no getting around the risk part; and (b) build a business model that thrives when you’re racing to the top.

CMD+SPACE: A ‘Full-Time’ Masterclass, with Shawn Blanc