Great piece by Kyle Baxter:

[T]he full-size iPad is something that you bring with you and set up to use, whether that’s on a desk or on your lap, the iPad Mini is a device you can use while sitting or standing, because you can comfortably hold it in your hands. […]

The full-sized iPad is like an easier to use (and, in many ways, much more useful) notebook computer because of its size and weight: it’s something you sit down and use. The iPad Mini, though, is almost as functional as the full-sized one, but can be used in more contexts.

I agree. And what’s neat is that the differences Kyle draws between the iPad mini and the full-sized iPad in order to make a case for using the former are exactly the same reason that I am sticking with the latter.

David Sparks is in the same boat as me:

For now at least, I think one of the big dividing lines between the iPad mini and the larger size iPad is content consumption versus creation.

If we were to compare the iPads to Apple’s laptop lineup, you could say that the iPad mini is the MacBook Air and the full-sized iPad is the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. One excels in portability, is great for nearly all tasks most users will do, and is the one that you recommend to anyone who doesn’t know what laptop to buy. The other is more powerful and has a far better screen and thus makes it obviously superior for certain people.

Ironically, I own a MacBook Air in real life.

“The Real iPad”