Tried and true wisdom from Patrick Rhone:

I have come to believe that the best and most cost effective technology upgrade that one can make is to themselves. I’m not talking cyborg implants here. I’m speaking about knowledge. That is, increasing your skill, aptitude, and understanding when it comes to any device, application, or tool.

So many of the applications which I wrote ultra-in-depth reviews of over the years are the apps I’m still using today. I chose to write those reviews not because the apps were popular but because I had been using the apps for a while and they had become an integral part in how I use my computer.

That’s why I think add-on utility apps like Keyboard Maestro and Text Expander are so great. Because they build on what Patrick is saying in his article — they allow you to set up customizations that allow you to become even more efficient and versed with the apps you use regularly.

The Best Upgrade Is You