There is a feature of Photo Stream on iOS 6 that I didn’t know about. And it’s extremely similar to yesterday’s aforelinked app, Photoset.

Photo Stream allows you to create your own online galleries. I knew you could share streams with other iPhone users, but didn’t realize that the stream could also be turned into a web site.

Moreover, Apple’s Photo Stream sharing feature has solutions to all my aforementioned quibbles with Photoset. You can select multiple images at a time from the Camera Roll, you can edit a stream after it’s been published, and you can delete the stream.

However, in a twist of irony, I find Apple’s photo stream sharing to be more feature rich while I find Photoset to be more “fun” and better designed. Usually it’s the other way around when comparing a 3rd-party app to something Apple built.

Photo Stream Sharing on iOS 6