The first third of Matt’s review hits on something that I didn’t read in any other iPhone 5 review: the idea that an iOS device’s preeminent feature is its display:

Apple has been making small but important decisions here and there since the original iPhone to ensure that as little as possible comes between you and whatever you happen to be interacting with on the screen.

I agree completely, and I like how Matt also one-upped that sentiment with the fact that the weight and feel of the phone is of critical importance with making the device “disappear” in your hand. The iPhone 5 is the lightest iPhone yet while also sporting the largest and highest-quality screen yet.

At its heart, Apple is a software company. Their continual march towards shipping the best possible display is because it’s what’s lit up underneath that display that counts. The pixels are just a manifestation of what’s most important: the software.

Matthew Panzarino’s iPhone 5 Review