Great review:

It’s really light and easy to hold one-handed. The hardware design — chamfered edges, less tapered back, metal rather than plastic buttons — strikes me as better, more elegant, than that of the full-size iPad 3/4. But it’s disappointing to go non-retina after using the retina iPad for the last seven months. All of the accolades and advantages of retina displays work in reverse. I adore the size and form factor of the iPad Mini, but I also adore the retina display on my full-size iPad. My ideal iPad would be a Mini with a retina display.

That is pretty much exactly what I expected to read in all the reviews — the iPad mini is awesome, but if only it had a Retina display. However, Gruber surprised me in his concluding section.

And, as an aside, despite the style used by Apple, John insists on capitalizing “Mini”, just like he has when writing “Mac Mini”.

John Gruber’s Review of the iPad Mini