Nick Bilton posted a great profile of Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, in The New York Times over the weekend. I’ve been on Twitter for years, and it’s by far my favorite social network. Though I’m not fond of all the changes that have been happening to Twitter as a service since Costolo stepped in as the CEO, Bilton shows us a different side that I thought was great to see. This quote from Costolo was one of my favorite bits of information that I picked up from reading the profile:

“It’s really difficult to change a company’s culture, but I did this by making sure I stayed late,” he says. “I’d go home, have dinner with my kids and then come back into the office. People knew that if they were in the office at 10 p.m., I’d be here, too, and that’s when I would go around and talk to people and answer questions.”

“Welcome to the Dick Costolo Show”