If you go to the front page of Amazon.com right now, you’ll see a feature chart comparing the iPad mini to the Kindle Fire HD (via DF). It reminds me of last year when Amazon search results for “iPad” gave you to promotional page comparing the Kindle Fire to the iPad 2.

Daniel Jalkut wrote a smart piece on why Amazon has to take the role of attacking the iPad:

I see this as a rare example of concession on Amazon’s part. Traditionally when the company discovers they are not the best in a market they wish to dominate, they acquire the stunning leader and integrate the advantages. Here they are going up against Apple, which happens to be both the largest company in the world and also the most inimitable hardware designer. Amazon can’t buy it, and Amazon can’t copy it.

As for Amazon’s comparison chart itself, what strikes me is that it’s conveying some information which is misrepresented and could be interpreted as false:

  • To say that the iPad mini has “No HD movies or TV” makes it sound as if the iPad mini does not have access to that content. The truth is that 1080p and 720p video is scaled down. And though the Kindle Fire HD can play 720p video at native resolution, it has to scale down 1080p video.

  • Leaving a blank space where Wi-Fi is makes it seem as if the iPad mini doesn’t have Wi-Fi at all. That’s not true.

Be sure to check out Rene Ritchie’s updated version of Amazon’s chart.

Amazon’s Chart: Kindle Fire HD vs. iPad mini