The new Paperwhite Kindle looks to be better than the old model in just about every way. I just ordered the Wi-Fi version.

Last year I bought a Kindle touch, and it was my first Kindle. I love it. But I mostly only use it on weekends and vacations because a good chunk of the book reading I do on a daily basis is at night before going to bed. And so I use my iPad a lot simply because I have to if I want to read in the dark. I’m definitely looking forward to using this new Kindle instead. Not only is the light going to be great, but the new Paperwhite display and the higher DPI makes it an overall more superior device than my current Kindle Touch.

If you’re also ordering a Paperwhite Kindle — or one of the new Kindle Fire HDs — then use these links and I’ll get a small kickback from Amazon. Thanks.

The New Kindle Paperwhite