For episode 75 of The B&B Podcast Ben and I announce a new format and schedule to the show. You can listen for the details, but the gist of it is that we’re aiming for a 30-minute show and are moving away from talking about current events each week and will instead be focusing on more “timeless” topics. Of course, this week, the Amazon press event was happening live as we were recording and so naturally we talked about the just-announced Kindles. We also did some follow-up to last week’s discussion of, and I talked about why my 23-inch Apple Cinema Display is about to get replaced by a grey market IPS display from Korea.

If you’ve got a product, service, job, or business you’d like to promote to our live audience and our weekly listeners, please send an email to Ben. With the new show format sponsors will get two mentions: once at the very beginning, and once again at the close. Also, you get a link right here each week when Ben and I link to the episode from our sites.

B&B 2.0