Sweet App: Junecloud’s Delivery Status

Do you buy stuff on the Internet? I thought so. That’s why you’d probably like Junecloud’s Delivery Status apps.

Delivery Status is both a universal iOS app and a Dashboard Widget for OS X. You paste the tracking number for a shipment you’re expecting, and Delivery Status will keep tabs on it, letting you know where the package is and what day it will arrive. The apps and widget stay in sync via Junecloud’s sync service.

Delivery Status apps

Delivery Status supports 7 languages and over 35 global delivery services. I’ve used it for tracking packages from UPS, USPS, and FedEx and it has always been accurate.

When you get your shipment notification from Amazon or Apple or whomever, there are a few ways to add the tracking number to Delivery Status:

  • From the Dashboard widget, simply hit the “+” and enter in the tracking info. All you really need to do is paste in the tracking number and give your shipment a name. Junecloud is will know the carrier based on the tracking number.

  • The iOS apps are clever enough to recognize if you’ve got a tracking number on your device’s clipboard. If so, when you launch the app you’re asked if you want the tracking number to be used to create a new delivery.

Delivery Status on iOS auto-add tracking number

  • Assuming you’ve signed up for the Junecloud sync service, you can forward your shipment notification email to track@junecloud.com and their servers will attempt to identify the tracking number and then add the shipment to your list of deliveries.

I found that when I simply forward the email I get from Amazon, Junecloud isn’t able to find the tracking number. But by first highlighting the tracking number before forwarding, then only that information is sent, and Junecloud was quickly able to add it.

When adding a delivery via email, whatever the subject line is will be the title of your item. Since I don’t want a delivery item called “Your Amazon.com order of “Contigo AUTOSEAL Stainless…” has shipped!”, I change the subject line to a more accurate description.

If you want push notifications in the iOS apps, you can easily set them up. They rely on your Dashboard Widget and your Junecloud sync account, which means that your iOS device will receive a push notification whenever your Mac notices the status of a delivery has changed. It would be nice if there were a more granular control about which statuses to send notifications about — I’d prefer to only receive notifications when an item is out on the truck for delivery and when it has been delivered.

To sum up, for someone who gets a fair amount of stuff delivered, Delivery Status is a superb way to track it. I haven’t seen the UPS or FedEx sites in months.

Sweet App: Junecloud’s Delivery Status