The new TextExpander 4 from Smile dramatically increases the options for automating your work with advanced “fill-in” snippet types. They are great for creating form letter templates that can be personalized on the fly. Check out the

( and see the new multi-line text fields, multiple choice popups, and optional text blocks in action.

Registered TextExpander users can upgrade for $15. (There’s no charge for the upgrade if you purchased after January 15, 2012.)

Still haven’t tried TextExpander? Download the free demo! There’s even a new Snippet Creation Snippet to get you started.

My thanks to Smile Software for sponsoring the RSS feed this week to promote TextExpander. This is one of those apps that I’m handicapped on my Mac without. I use TextExpander not just for expanding text but also for fixing common typos, making sure I spell certain people‚Äôs names right, powering through emails more efficiently, properly capitalizing certain product names, pasting code, and a whole, whole lot more. They shipped a big update few weeks ago and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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