Sebastiaan de With on the design of doubleTwist’s Alarm app for Android:

I’d say every designer should design a clock at some point. There’s a lot of ways you can design a clock, and it’s surprisingly difficult to design something so attractive that it is remarkable, yet neutral enough to be liked by a very wide audience. One only has to look at the market for watches to see how intensely personal clock design is. I am still not quite content, and I’ll probably never be: I’ve found designing clocks to be a rather consuming affair.

In my review of the Nexus 7 I concluded by saying: “When I’m using a device like the Nexus 7 I want to know where the details are. Where is the magic? The fun? The incredible 3rd-party apps?”

Well, doubleTwist’s Alarm app is one fine answer. It’s beautiful, thought out, full of detail, fun, and highly functional.

Awakenings: An Android Design Process