Predictions: WWDC 2012


  • Apple may or may not ship Mountain Lion.

  • Apple may or may not announce Retina display Macs.

  • Apple may or may not update the MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and/or MacBook Air.

  • iOS 6 may or may not have new maps and/or a new look.

  • Apple may or may not announce an Apple Television and/or an Apple TV SDK.

  • Apple may or may not announce a Siri API and/or that Siri is coming to the Mac and/or the iPad.

There isn’t an Apple event I can remember with so many rumors about such a wide spread of both current and yet-unannounced Apple products.

Last year, the big announcement was iCloud; it was the final portion of the 2011 keynote and Steve Jobs himself introduced it. iCloud doesn’t often get glamorous press attention, and the rumors surrounding it are few and far between. But the general media silence towards iCloud is in no way indicative of Apple’s attention towards the service.

iCloud may not seem all that glamorous on the outside, but its aim and role in the overall user experience for Apple gadget owners is still in the foundation stages. I think it’s safe to say that iCloud will be the center point for much of what gets announced today as well. iCloud is the glue that Apple wants to use to bind iOS and OS X together.

Whatever is announced today, the consensus is that it’s bound to be significant — there’s far too much kerfluffling going on for it to be anything less.

Predictions: WWDC 2012