Launch Center Pro is the closest thing I’ve seen to having something like LaunchBar or Alfred on your iPhone. If Apple had reimagined the iOS Home screen last week I expect it would have had much in common with the way Launch Center Pro works.

We’ve all got that handful of tasks and actions that we commonly do on our iPhone every day. For me, some of those common actions are: starting a new note in Simplenote, entering a quick to-do into OmniFocus, sending a text message to my wife, taking an Instagram picture, posting a tweet.

Launch Center Pro’s aim is to help you do common iPhone actions quicker. The original Launch Center app was good at this, but the just-released version is so much better. The design, overall ease of use, and the speed have all been vastly improved.

My favorite example for how helpful Launch Center Pro can be is OmniFocus quick entry. Through the use of app URLs it is actually faster to get to OmniFocus’s quick-entry window via Launch Center Pro than it is via OmniFocus itself. Moreover, you can add custom actions in Launch Center Pro that will take your iPhone’s current clipboard and use that as the content for the to-do item’s name or its note.

My few examples are just the tip of the iceberg here. There is so much you can do with this app the only hurdle I’ve had is remembering to use new workflows.

Right now Launch Center Pro is on sale for just $3 in the App Store.

Launch Center Pro