My thanks to Timing for sponsoring the RSS feed this week. Timing is a utility app that runs in your Mac’s Menu Bar and keeps track of where you’re spending time on your computer.

I’ve been using this app for almost a year to keep tabs on my work habits. Timing runs in the background and does all the heavy lifting of tracking what apps I’m active in, what websites I’m spending time on, and more. I can bundle those apps into Activities such as “writing”, “designing”, etc. and see aggregate time spent on certain task categories.

You have to give Timing a few weeks to really get some good useful stats that you can look over in aggregate to see how you are spending your time, where you’re spending it, and if there are certain apps or websites you need to be more conscious of in order to be more focused and productive. I just recently looked back at my total aggregate stats for the past 10 months, and it gave me some motivation to continue refining my daily routine.

Right now, Timing is on sale in the Mac App Store, or you can snag the free version that shows your activities for today and yesterday.

Timing: Automatic Time Tracking for OS X