InstaCRT is an iPhone camera filter app unlike any other. From the FAQ:

Q: What’s the difference between InstaCRT and other camera apps such as Hipstamatic or Instagram?

A: Hipstamatic and Instagram and other apps are applying filters to your photos in the software in your camera. InstaCRT is sending your photo to our office in Stockholm where the photo is displayed on a actual physical 1” CRT monitor which is photographed with a digital SLR from which the new photo is sent back to your phone over the internet.

Watch the video to see how the photos taken with the app show up on that miniature monitor in their office. The final results vary based on the time of day and thus the amount of daylight in their office, and the more people are using the app the longer the wait time for your photo to be processed. Here’s some info about how the app and its server-side software were developed.