And speaking of television’s trying times, Dan Frommer reads between the lines in some of Tim Cook’s answers last night regarding Apple TV:

[T]he way Cook was acting – his allusions, his commentary about the TV business, and some nervous chair-twisting – suggested that he was hiding something. (Cook even defended iTunes’ video content library!)

(You can watch this specific segment here.)

I agree with Frommer, Cook’s answers are dodgy and seem uncomfortable.

If Apple TV truly is no more than a hobby then why feel the need to defend it? As it stands today, the Apple TV is a perfectly legitimate device with a great reason for existing: it’s an inexpensive, central hub for two major forms of media we all have our computers stuffed to the brim with: video and music.

But Cook never seemed to settled into a confidence about the device as it is. He kept saying, “We’re gonna keep pulling the string and see where it takes us.”

(Via Marco.)

Tim Cook: Between the Lines