Seth Godin:

[T]there’s always one more tweet to make, post to write, words with friends move to complete. There’s one more bit of email, one more lens you can construct, one more comment you can respond to. If you want to, you can be never finished.

This has been an oft-visited topic on Shawn Today over the past month. And Seth is right: “It’s a dance.”

One thing I have done in my dance to find that balance is to set a new standard of what finished looks like for me. And that standard no longer means my inbox is empty, but rather it’s about budgeting my time and attention.

Cameron Moll adds:

Balance is a process, not a final resting state. I’m constantly juggling, shuffling, and re-prioritizing life’s demands. And I’m learning to be okay with that.

Dancing on the Edge of Finished