Chris Bowler’s take on Pocket as an ever-present capture tool, or, as he puts it, an anything bucket that lives on the web:

The issue is that none of the services I’ve seen fit all my requirements. Instapaper is primarily a tool for reading later. Same for Readability. But I come across items on my iOS devices that require another look when I get back to my Mac. Items to archive (whether in Yojimbo, Pinboard or my bucket of choice, Gimme Bar). Designs to explore further. Videos to watch. Technical resources to investigate, then archive. Apps to purchase.

The internet brings me many forms of content, and they do not all require the same action from me. So an anything bucket that lived on the web, with the potential for native interfaces, gets me really excited.

This is the first thing that came to my mind as well. The upside is that Pocket is already quite ubiquitous within apps and services that I use (since of the former popularity of Read it Later). The downside is that everything you toss into Pocket has to be dealt with from Pocket. I’d be interested in finding a way to take my Pocket Inbox and pipe it into my OmniFocus inbox.

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