Patrick Rhone:

In my recent emergency trip this past week […], my iPhone 4 became my most used and primary computer for many reasons. This despite the fact I had both my iPad and MacBook Air with me and close at hand. It was the one best fitted to almost every situation I found myself in. Unobtrusive, agile, and the one with a constant and reliable internet connection.

For those who travel, more and more the iPad and the iPhone are proving to be not just worthy companions but valiant work horses as well.

For my trip to Macworld this past January, I took my MacBook Air but didn’t even use it. Nearly all of the reading, writing, linking, emailing, and tweeting I did was via my iPhone, and the rest was on my iPad. And so, with a 4G-equipped new iPad en route, I see no reason not to leave the Air at home on my next trip to San Francisco at WWDC.

(Well actually there is one fear holding me back: what if something were to go terribly wrong with my site while I was away? Something that couldn’t be fixed from the iPad? Of course, the chances of that happening are slim to none, but still… what if?)

The iPhone as a Personal Computer