I got Launch Center when it first came out a few months ago, but the idea of having quick-access to certain actions in the Notification Center never really stuck for me. But, with Launch Center’s newly-added support of app URLs, it’s gotten a new life for me.

This app has landed on my Home screen and is now the fastest way for me to get to:

  • the “snap a photo” screen in Instagram;
  • the “new entry” screen in OmniFocus;
  • adjust my iPhone screen’s brightness;
  • and more.

Last week, when I linked to Federico Viticci’s article about what’s wrong with the iOS Home screen, I wrote that the iOS Home screen doesn’t just need to be a springboard to get to apps, in some ways it needs to be an app in and of itself. I think Launch Center brings up some useful ideas and insights into how a more useful iPhone Home screen could function.

See also Dave Caolo’s slew of use-case scenarios and URLs for Launch Center.

Launch Center