Adam Lashinsky writing for Fortune about the extremely secretive and productive culture within Apple. Lashinsky writes:

Almost nobody describes working at Apple as being fun. In fact, when asked if Apple is a “fun” place, the responses are remarkably consistent. “People are incredibly passionate about the great stuff they are working on,” said one former employee. “There is not a culture of recognizing and celebrating success. It’s very much about work.” Said another: “If you’re a die-hard Apple geek, it’s magical. It’s also a really tough place to work.” A third similarly dodged the question: “Because people are so passionate about Apple, they are aligned with the mission of the company.”

Reading Lashinsky’s article, I have to wonder if working at Apple is something I would love because of the strong emphasis on work ethic, productivity, excellence in what you do, and respect for everyone’s time, or hate because of the high-stress and non-personal environment.

The article is based on his book, Inside Apple, which hits shelves today.

The Secrets Apple Keeps