Seth Godin on how access to ideas, information, tutorials, and capital is easier before. However:

The only access that’s harder than ever is access to the part of your brain that’s willing to take advantage of all of this. Precisely because it’s easier and faster than ever before, it’s easy to be afraid to reach out, to connect and to commit. No one can help you with that but you.

The Web is the most empowering tool for organized, creative folks in the history of the world. If you have an idea and are willing to work hard, you can ship something.

What Seth is talking about here is the Lizard Brain that tells us we’ll fail or be rejected or embarrassed, and that takes guts to push through that and do something anyway. But courage isn’t the only dilemma. Many of us have more ideas than we do time, and so we also need discernment of what ideas are worth pursuing and what ideas we have to let go of.

Access, Commitment, Courage, and Discernment