In short, there are three complaints against the UP: (1) the device itself gets bricked and cannot be operated or synced to the iPhone at all; (2) the battery stops holding a decent charge; and (3) the removable cap which goes over the headphone charging plug is easy to lose.

Garrett Murray got two bricked UPs in a row and is waiting for Jawbone to send him another replacement. My UP hasn’t bricked, but the battery no longer stays charged for longer than 3 days at the most (it’s supposed to keep a charge for 10 days). I have not yet contacted Jawbone, but I am going to.

Am I bummed out that my UP doesn’t work just right? Of course. Do I wish I had bought a Fitbit instead? I don’t think so. Once I resolved that the UP didn’t have to be on my wrist 24/7 I began seeing it as a different type of device: one that reminded me to get up and move around every 30 minutes or so, and one that could quietly wake me up at an opportune time in the mornings.

Some Users Are Down on Jawbone UP